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About Logic¤

Logic is a universal programmable toy designed for teaching programming developed at Robotárna.

Logic resembles a game console. It has 105 RGB LEDs that can serve as a display, it has numerous buttons and a buzzer. Under the hood, it is powered by the ESP32 microcontroller.

Kids (well, not only them) can create custom games and learn programming while doing so. It is even possible to run multiplayer games as the on-board processor features both, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.

This project was prepared for Robotic Camp 2021 ­– the page is available, however, in Czech. You will find more project there. You can also see our GitHub for find out more about our other projects.

HW revisions¤

There are multiple HW revisions out in the wild, with the v2 being a major overhaul.



  • new ESP32 S3 chip (instead of "normal" ESP32)
  • SD Card slot
  • PMOD connector (a standardized interface to connect various peripherials)
  • revised button layout with two direction crosses
  • piezo instead of just a buzzer (so you can play different tones)
  • brighther smart LEDs

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